Learning Portal Development Project


This project is aimed to develop the learning portal of chiphackers. The philosophy of chiphackers is to learn and share knowledge via fun ways. It is accomplished by holding hackathons and building open source projects. Learning portal is a major part of chiphackers since all our hackathons and projects will refer its articles for users to fill the missing pieces of the knowledge puzzle.


  • Develop resourceful three lesson series for University courses.
    • ASIC design flow.
    • Digital Logic Design.
    • Analog Electronics Design.
  • Create a collection of 200 articles available on internet.

Time line

Project is planned for 3 months (Apr 1st – July 1st). Three series will be started in parallel and will continue for 2 months. last month will be used to evaluate completeness of the series and add missing lessons.


Articles will be added on weekly basis. Planed articles for the series will be added in this doc under the heading of each series. A new article should be published on starting date of week (Monday) and modified during the five week days. A weekly meeting will be taken (Friday) to evaluate the status of the ended week article and plan on the starting week article.


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Planned Articles

ASIC Design Flow

Article Name Author Due date

Digital Logic Design

Article Name Author Due date

Analog Electronics Design

Article Name Author Due date

Online articles